Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Science dissemination

"Are insects the proteins of our future?"

The consumption of protein of good biological quality of animal origin is becoming increasingly challenging for the environment. A proposal that is growing in the EU is the consumption of protein derived from insects. It is a protein of high biological quality for human consumption that is ecologically more sustainable than livestock and which has a high production rate linked to its fast life cycle. A long culture of rejection of insects makes it difficult to introduce for human consumption to European cultures. In this talk we will analyze the pros and cons of this alternative and public is encouraged to participate in a study to know the susceptibility to this consumption.

"How does food modulate our organism?" Lecture-Workshop

Maximum 1 hour talk.

In this workshop we explain that nutrients act on our gastrointestinal tract modulating its functions. We deal with the importance to maintain good gastrointestinal health, including proper gut barrier and immunity functions, and with how the diet affects it.


"The scientific recipe within biosciences"

Workshop 60 min.

What do you know about the world of science? In this lecture-workshop we will analyze the different steps for the studies carried out in a laboratory, from in vitro research using cell cultures, through animal experimentation, up to state of the art techniques such as the field of omics.


"Biotechnology at your table"

Maximum 5 sessions of 4 hours. Adaptable to other formats.

Sessions to discover what  a genetically modified food is and to learn how to design an experimental protocol to know if a regularly consumed food has transgenic origin. It can be organized in two parts: a theory in which there will be talks, games and discussions, as well as a practical part in which the previously designed experiment will be carried out.