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Why Research on Nutrition & Health Matters

Discover Why in a 2 min video

JPI HDHL developed a movie to explain the role that research on Nutrition & Health matters can play to improve public health, and increasing the quality of life. The prevalence of overweight and obesity is increasing worldwide. More than 2 billion people are overweight, of which 600 million suffer from obesity. This causes an increase in diet-related diseases as well as an increase in costs for the society. Through JPI HDHL, 26 governments work together to improve the effectiveness of Research & Innovation investments and to increase knowledge supporting society in moving towards a healthier and more sustainable diet. Science has already brought us valuable insights. However, there are still crucial gaps in our knowledge to tackle the societal challenge of nutrition and health. JPI HDHL contributes to more efficient and effective research in the area of food, nutrition and health, investing in continuous, co-ordinated and collaborative research programming. These investments focus on (interdisciplinary) research, novel research tools as well as evidence based policy, science and science society interactions. Involvement of stakeholders like policy makers, (health) professionals and other (end) users in food, nutrition and health investment is crucial to reach impact. Join us in our mission through participating in our events (save the date international conference on 1st of December 2017 Brussels), through connecting with the members of our Management Board (country level), Stakeholder Advisory Board and/or Scientific Advisory Board.

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