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International Postdoctoral Fellowship in MoBioFood Research Group

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Molecular Bioactivity of Food research group (MoBioFood):

Gastrointestinal tract plays a key role in the whole body functionality, but this role is only partially understood. There is a high knowledge on the absorptive function, but a scarce understanding about the enteroendocrine system and barrier-immunity functions. The interaction of some bioactive compounds, distinct to nutrients, with this system could be an innovative approach to define new functional foods.

The expertise of this group is in the area of flavonoids. We have described the bioactivity of procyanidins on glucose homeostasis; we have a high expertise describing how they act as anti-inflammatory agents, mainly at the adipose tissue. At present, we are focused on the study of the interaction of flavonoids with the enteroendocrine system (as regulators of glucose homeostasis, but also regarding their effects on food intake), and the ability of these compounds maintaining the intestinal barrier integrity and/or acting as anti-inflammatory agents at gastrointestinal tract.

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o    European Fellowship (Standard, Career Restart or Reintegration)

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Further details: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/calls/h2020-msca-if-2015.html

Contact: mobiofood@urv.cat  

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