Universitat Rovira i Virgili

MoBioFood is seekeing predoctoral candidates!!

FPU doctoral grant

Predoctoral grant available at MoBioFood Research Group

Project Title: "Preventive long-lasting effects of food bioactives on gastrointestinal tract under metabolic homeostatic challenges: obesogenic diet and aging"

Candidate requirements:

  • Highly motivated student with special interest in the research areas of Metabolism Regulation and Nutrition.
  • Degree in Biology, Biochemistry or related life sciences.
  • Master in Biosciences at the point of enrollment.
  • Minimum grade of academic record> 8 (scale from 0 to 10).

Grant characteristics:


Deadline: 14th November 2019

Contact: Dr. Mayte Blay (mobiofood@urv.cat)

If interested, please email us your detailed CV, a brief statement of research experience and interests.

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