Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Today, two Master students from MoBioFood Research Group, Iris Ginés and Andreu Gual, presented their Master Thesis

Iris explained the results obtained during her stage in our group regarding the effects of a grape-seed proanthocyanidin extract on intestinal inflammation, oxidative stress and barrier function in rats fed a cafeteria diet during 18 weeks. She found that a chronic supplementation with dietary proanthocyanidins protects from diet-induced intestinal alterations in obese rats.

Andreu showed his results regarding the effects of the proanthocyanidin extract on lipid metabolism. The results indicated that chronic and chronic-preventive nature of GSPE administration against obesity has positive effects in the modulation of lipid oxidation, showing evidence of further degradation of lipids in response to the treatment in a different manner according to the study conditions. In the chronic model lipid oxidation in subcutaneous adipose tissue is increased, while in the chronic-preventive model lipid oxidation is increased in the liver.


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