Universitat Rovira i Virgili

MoBioFood obtained a grant to study in depth the satiating effects of pure polyphenols

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We have a patented technology consistent in a formulation of a certain type of natural extract (a mixture of flavanols derived from grape seed) that helps to have less hunger, and consequently, to control body weight. In the preclinical proves, the results indicate a 20% decrease in energy consumption in laboratory animals. This activity can help to reduce body weight, because of the satiating effect that we have demonstrated together with their very well defined lipolytic effects. These bioactive agents will also help to normalize various altered metabolic parameters that are normally found in overweight populations. Since a problem of the use of extracts is knowing which of the components of the mixture is effective, we have recently identified which flavanols are found in the extract that modulate the whole endocrine system (responsible among other things for intake control). This knowledge gives great value to our weight control technology.


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