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New PhD Students in MoBioFood!!

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Welcome Alba and Marta!!

Alba Miguens and Marta Sierra have just joined MoBioFood Research Group for three years to do their PhD. They will analyse the molecular bioactivity of food at the gastrointestinal level, that is, to evaluate how different components of our diet can adversely or beneficially affect our intestine, and how this interaction can influence the health of the rest of the organism.

The group is currently focused on the study of the interaction of dietary components with the enteroendocrine system, the ability of these compounds to modify the integrity of the intestinal barrier and its immunomodulatory effect, as well as the study of alterations of the intestinal microbiota caused by certain foods, and finally the analysis of the epigenetic effects of different bioactive compounds in situations of metabolic stress such as obesity or aging.


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