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Research Group

We are a research group constituted by PhD, PhD students and technicians. We are focused on the description and understanding how proanthocyanidins modulate glucose homeostasis through enterendocrine signals, and their effects on appetite and anti-inflammatory activity. We work mainly at the gastrointestinal tract level.

Regarding our teaching activities, we participate in the Dregrees of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Oenology as well as in the Master of Nutrition and Metabolism.

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PhD students                                                                                                                             


Lab Technicians

Course 2019-2020

Undergraduate Students


Course 2018-2019

Postdoctoral researchers

Undergraduate Students                                                  Postgraduate Students                                  Completed PhD


Course 2017-2018

Undergraduate Students                          Postgraduate Students                                                          Completed PhD


Course 2016-2017

Undergraduate students                                                                                 Postgraduate students                                   Completed PhD        


Course 2015-2016

Undergraduate students




Master of Nutrition and Metabolism                  Nutrition and Metabolism Doctorate